SSV8 Progressive Divider Valve

Item#: 2967
Usage: Single-Line progressive lubrication divider, grease valve
Outlet Ports: 8 numbers
Main Raw Materials: 45# High strength carbon steel for high working pressure
1. Six outlet grease feeding ports
2. Strict grease feeding volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3. Single block and standard installation design, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mmm
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Progressive Divider Valve

Progressive divider valve SSV8 is the progressive line metering devices with eight grease feeding outlets and all of the outlets is connected with check valves in case of grease or oil reverse flow. The usage of progressive divider valve is to dispense the grease with NGLI 2 class and mineral oils with class of 40 mm2/s to each lubricating requirement points, such as bearings, high speed gears, or some friction pieces in mechanical units.

Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 - 8 Feeding Outlets, inner structureProgressive Divider Valve SSV8 – 8 Feeding Outlets, inner structure
The progressive divider valve SSV8
– is piston operation design, stalled in a chamber of opposition feeding outlets
– used for dispensing grease or oil to different lubricating spots.
– the divider valve is fed and powered by lubrication pump
– all of progressive divider valve is standard connection dimensions with 0.2cm2 output and check valves
– the divider is available to dispense two(double outlet) or multiple lubricant while one or other more grease outlet ports are closed

– SSV8 of progressive divider valve is available of installed with standard electronic indicator as visually greasing volume monitored
– from 6 to 14 feeding grease outlets or up to 22 outlets are available, please consult us for 16 outlets and more.



Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 Ordering Code:

SSV= Series progressive divider valve
8= Eight Outlets (Feeding port)

Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 Technical Data

Technical DescriptionData
Lubricating grease output for per outlet and stroke0.2cm
Max. working pressure350bar
Min. working pressure20bar
Outlet tube connection diameter1. High strength carbon steel, eight grease feeding port
2. Strict grease feeing volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mm

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Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 parts
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