SSV6 Progressive Divider Valve

Item#: 2941
Usage: Single-Line progressive lubrication divider, grease valve
Outlet Ports: 6 numbers
Main Raw Materials: 45# High strength carbon steel for high working pressure
1. Six outlet grease feeding ports
2. Strict grease feeding volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3. Single line, progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mmm
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
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Series Progressive Divider Valve

Series progressive divider valve is also named as progressive metering device with piston type movement design, is much reliable operation for grease lubricating with exact grease volume feeding to each lubrication requirement point.

Series progressive divider valve SSV6 is manufactured by high carbon steel for the working pressure 35Mpa(5075PSI) with 6 grease feeding ports. The SSV6 series progressive divider valve is mounted in central progressive lubrication system with lubrication pump used for injecting lubrication grease to bearings, gears and certain easily-worn parts.

All of the series progressive divider are equipped with check valves in order to closed certain unclosed outlets, there are many chambers inside the SSV6 progressive divider, so that unauthorized changes insider the divider is not allowed. Our original spare parts for SSV6 are coupling nuts, ferrules, check valves and outlet closure plug, please contact us if need spare parts for SSV6 replacement.

Series Progressive Divider Valve Ordering Code:

SSV= Series progressive divider valve
6= Six Outlets (Feeding port)

Series Progressive Divider Valve Technical Data

Technical DescriptionData
Lubricating grease output for per outlet and stroke0.2cm
Max. working pressure350bar
Min. working pressure20bar
Outlet tube connection diameter1. High strength carbon steel, eight grease feeding port
2. Strict grease feeing volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mm

Series Progressive Divider Valve Parts:

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