SSV14 Progressive Divider Valve

Item#: 3068
Usage: Single-Line progressive lubrication divider, grease valve
Outlet Ports: 14 numbers
Main Raw Materials: 45# High strength carbon steel for high working pressure
1. Progressive valve SSV14, with 14 grease feeding outlets
2. Without any wearing O-rings, great performance and sealing features
3. Wild temperature operation range, rust and dust protected, reliable working condition
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Progressive Valve SSV14

Progressive valve SSV14 metering devices is in block type design without any wearing parts of O-rings, which is easily to be visual for grease feeding volume or electrical feeding control, wild oil and grease applicability. The progressive valve metering device SSV14 is available to be used for high differential pressure, say 10Mpa between each two outlet ports with wild temperature range. By selection of fine carbon steel, the progressive valve is available to working for pressure 350bar.
– Progressive valve SSV14 is also be available to be used in double line or single line lubrication system (Central lubricating system).
– Largely increasing the quantity of outlet ports of lubrication pumps with multi-line pipes type, and to subdivide the progressive meter device and valve for measuring purpose
– as secondary metering divider progressive valves in large and small grease or oil circulation system.
– It is not recommended if combination groups of lubrication points contains more than twelve points, it will reach high performance if contains fewer lubrication points if possible
– The better combination of lubricant project refers to design and working conditions such as each individual bearing or requirement spots.
– Except the number 1 or 2 outlet, the other lubricating outlets is available to be adapted to different requirement as per lubrication spot by sealing some certain outlets.

Progressive valve SSV14, metering devices for bearings:
– Lubricate to small bearings with sealing or non-sealing rings should be provided grease or oil within individually
– Lubricate to bigger or large bearings with sealing or non-sealing rings should be provided grease or oil more than 2 or multiple lubricate quantity

Progressive Valve SSV14 Ordering Code:

SSV= Series progressive divider valve
Fourteen= Six Outlets (Feeding port)

Progressive Valve SSV14 Technical Data

Technical DescriptionData
Lubricating grease output for per outlet and stroke0.2cm
Max. working pressure350bar
Min. working pressure20bar
Outlet tube connection diameter1. High strength carbon steel, eight grease feeding port
2. Strict grease feeing volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mm

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Progressive Valve SSV14 part description

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