SSV12 Progressive Divider Valve

Item#: 3057
Usage: Single-Line progressive lubrication divider, grease valve
Outlet Ports: 12 numbers
Main Raw Materials: 45# High strength carbon steel for high working pressure
1. Single line progressive valve SSV12, with 12 outlets
2. Easily installation to lubrication system, standard screws and threaded
3. Check valves and clamping rings attached, protecting the grease from back flow
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Single Line Progressive Valve

Single line progressive valve SSV12 is designed with 12 oil or grease feeding outlet ports of progressive metering device, it offers a variety combination of lubricating point to transport grease or mineral oil to one or multiply lubricating spots in machine or different working positions. The single line progressive valve is available to by powered by hand operation pumps, pneumatic pumps or electric lubrication pumps for simple or advance central lubricating systems.

– It is easy to install the single line progressive valve in different kinds of working location, but it is recommended that the single line progressive valve is better to be installed in side instead of chassis or attached plated, where is easy for maintenance and troubleshooting. If necessary, the single line progressive valve is installed in the place for visible condition if the indicator pin mounted in one of the outlets for grease volume metering observation.

– Related reinforce collar and sealing ring will should be mounted if use push in fitting as inlet connector.

– Standard dimensions of outlet tube fitting of SSV12 with threads of M10x1 to fit lubricant line, recommended dimensions of plastic host isφ6mmx1.5 for high pressure.

– We strongly recommended to use a reinforced collect if secondary single line progressive valve to connect fittings for lubricate spots, or used for construction or agricultural machines with high pressure hoses as the feeding lines.

Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 Ordering Code:

SSV= Series progressive divider valve
12= Twelve Outlets (Feeding port)

Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 Technical Data

Technical DescriptionData
Lubricating grease output for per outlet and stroke0.2cm
Max. working pressure350bar
Min. working pressure20bar
Outlet tube connection diameter1. High strength carbon steel, eight grease feeding port
2. Strict grease feeing volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mm

Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 Parts:


Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 part listParts Explanation:
1. Inlet Threaded Fitting (Not with the divider) ; 2. Hole for Piston Deliver ; 3. Closure Plug; 4. Closure Plug M11x1; 5. Outlet Port Fitting Unit ; 6. Check Valve With Brass Ring Attached ; 7. Sealing & Cutting Ring ; 8. Coupling Cover/Nut ; 9. Channel for Other Divider Junction ; 10. Closure plug, with hex. Socket head (Not with the divider)

Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 Installation Dimensions: