SSV10 Progressive Divider Valve

Item#: 2977
Usage: Single-Line progressive lubrication divider, grease valve
Outlet Ports: 10 numbers
Main Raw Materials: 45# High strength carbon steel for high working pressure
1. For high pressure up to 350bar/5075PSI
2. Exact grease lubricating volume metering control
3. Standard installation dimensions and screws, easy to assemble monitor
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Series Progressive Valve

Series progressive valve SSV10 is single block, series line feeding, progressive divider valve with ten outlets, it is used for distribution of lubricant to various presetting lubrication requirement devices. There are many connections chambers in the series progressive valve, the mineral oil or grease is powered by lubrication pump and flows to each outlet, and to next outlet if one outlet is closed. The design of series progressive valve is made the possibility of a variety quantity of metering by the combination of progressive line outlets.

Series Progressive Valve SSV10 structure– the grease or oil flows into the inlet under high pressure, generating mechanical energy, to push the individual piston within each chamber of double balance position outlets. The movement of piston is forwards the grease or oil to next inner chamber and to move the next piston
– each pistons will move in a presetting order, the cycle of piston action will be repeated in next chamber constantly
– before the movement of next piston, the previous piston action should be completed full, otherwise, the next piston will not operate no matter the grease or oil flow into continuously or intermittently
– each of movement of piston is operated interdependently, one to another, so that the lubricating point is not allowed to omitted if it is connected to lubrication systems
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Series Progressive Valve SSV10 Ordering Code:

SSV= Series progressive divider valve
10= Ten Outlets (Feeding port)

Series Progressive Valve SSV10 Technical Data

Technical DescriptionData
Lubricating grease output for per outlet and stroke0.2cm
Max. working pressure350bar
Min. working pressure20bar
Outlet tube connection diameter1. High strength carbon steel, eight grease feeding port
2. Strict grease feeing volume, high pressure up to 305bar
3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mm

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