JW, Y2 Triple-Phase Asynch. Electric Motor

Item#: 3594
Voltage: 380VAC
Power: 50W ~ 370W
Speed: 710 ~ 2800RPM
– Qualified certificated electric motor
– Good prices and reliable operation in different working condition
– Applicable to various industrial equipment and machines, longer service
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JW, Y2 Electric Motor, Triple-Phase Asynchronous Electirc Motor

JW, Y2 Electric motor is three-phase asynchronous electric motor, with high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high stall torque, reliable operation, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, suitable for driving a variety of special requirements of machinery and equipment. The series of motors in full compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, matches the implementation of IEC standards in countries and regions can also be installed for wildly use in industrial machinery and equipment.
 Triple-Phase-Asynchronous-Electirc-MotorJW, Y2 Electric Motor Technical Form: JW,-Y2-Electric-Motor-technical-formThe common voltage of JW, Y2 series electric motor is 380VAC, rated frequency 50HZ, degree of protection IP54 / IP55, cooling method IC411, using F-class insulation, full temperature rise by B-level assessment, can be no more than 40 ℃ ambient conditions continuous operation. We will be able to provide different voltage and requirement for specific countries, a, such as 220V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 660V, 60HZ, IP54, IP55, IP65 Protection grade, according to GB18613-2002 standard design and manufacture of Y3 series motor (using cold-rolled silicon steel) and high-efficiency motor, and to provide users with comprehensive technical services. JW, Y2 series motor is the replacement of Y series motor, is a general-purpose closed fan-cooled cage three-phase asynchronous motor.

JW, Y2 Electric Motor Installation Dimensions:

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