WE6, NG6 Solenoid Directional Valve

Item#: 2912
Valve Size: 6mm
Valve Type: Single solenoid operated, directional control valve
Solenoid Voltage: 12/24VDC, 110/220VAC
Spool Position: 2 Way
Valve Ports: 4 Of A, B, P, T
Main Raw Materials: Casting iron, high wear spool
1. Single solenoid operated, directional valve, WE6, NG6 Series
2. DC or AC solenoid available option, easy replacement while in valve position
3. Standard valve pattern dimensions for valve manifold or subplate, no sealing leakage
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
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Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Valve

Hydraulic solenoid directional valve, WE6, NG6 valve series is single solenoid operated, directional spool valve, the WE6 & NG6 valve with 6mm of oil porting size, 4 porting and 2 spool position. There are single solenoid mounted on the A or B side of the hydraulic solenoid directional valve, most used for controlling the actuation (Movement or stop movement) of cylinder in hydraulic system. The key characteristics of the single solenoid directional valve is the noise of switching because of 2 direction position with high switching speed. Our valve is lower operation noise by controlling the dimensions of concentricity before the spool and valve house, and smoothly spool switching.

The porting pattern of hydraulic solenoid directional valve is standard, the available subplate for the WE6, NG6 valve is: G341/01, G342/01 & G502/01, the WE6, NG6 subplate needed to be ordered separately, please contact us for subplate requirement.

Ordering Code Of WE6, NG6 Series Single Solenoid Valve:


(1) Producer Code= FT

(2) Oil porting= 4

(3) Valve size= 6

(4) Spool symbol= C, D, EB, Etc. Please slect the type of spool in your order

(5) Valve series

(6) No code= Spring return
O= Without spring return
F= Without spring return with detent

(7) E= Wet-Pin design and with detachable coil

(8) G24= DC voltage 24V
G12= DC voltage 12V
W220= AC voltage 220~230V 50/60 Hz
W110= AC voltage 110V 50/60 Hz

(9) N= With manual override

(10) Z5L= Plug-in connection with indicator lamp

(11) No code = Without Throttle insert
B08= Throttle0.8mm[0.031inch]
B10= Throttle1.0mm[0.039inch]
B12= Throttle1.2mm[0.047inch]

(12) No code = NBR seals for petroleum oil
V = FPM seals for phosphate ester

(13) No code = Black Galvanization
B= Blue Powder Coating

Spool Symbols For WE6, Cetop 3 Series Valve:

Solenoid Directional Control Valve -WE6, NG6 Series Single Solenoid Valve Parts Explanation:


Solenoid Directional Control Valve -WE6 Part List:

1. Valve solenoids
2. Manual override button
3. “N” Size solenoid with manual override button
4. Plug-in connectors comply with DIN43650
5. Valve nameplate
6. O-ring: 8.75×1.8
7. End cap, only for single solenoid
8. Space needed for disassembling plug-in connectors
9. Space needed for took out coil
10.Fastened cover, force needed: Ma=4Nm
11. Installation pattern: DIN24340, ISO4401 & CETOP-RP121H
Note: Fastened bolts: M5x50 (Complied with GB/T70.7-10.9 grade)

General Information

Raw materials of valve house

Casting iron with first grade

Max. working pressure at T port

210Bar[3045Psi] for DC ; 16Bar[232Psi] for AC

Max. working pressure at P, A , B port

315Bar [4568]

Max. working flow rate

80L/min for DC ; 60L/min for DC ;

Available voltage

12, 24VDC ; 110, 220VAC 50~60 Hz

Voltage tolerance allowed

+10% ~ -15%

Electric power

30W for DC

Switching time (ISO 6403) - ON
25~45ms for DC ; 10~20ms for AC
Switching time (ISO 6403) - OFF
10~25ms for DC ; 15~40ms for AC
Switching frequency
Up to 15000 for DC ; Up to 7200 for AC
Max. coil temperature
+150°C for DC ; +180°C for AC
Electrical protection class
Hydraulic fluid temperature range
-15°C to +80°C for NBR seals (O-rings) ; -15°C to +80°C for FKM seals (O-rings)
Hydraulic fluid available
DIN 51524 2 mineral oil ; VDMA 24568 fast biodegradable fluids; HETG; HEPG (polyglycols); HEES (synthetic esters); other hydraulic fluid oil as per request
Hydraulic fluid viscosity range
2.8 to 500mm2/s

Recommended hydraulic fluid filtration for contamination

ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15