DDRB,DZ Multi-Point Lubrication Pump

Item#: 3535
Max. Working Pressure: 315bar/4567.5PSI
Electric Motor: 380VAC, 0.37kW, 50/60Hz
Tank: 10L or 30L
Usage: For central lubrication system
Weight: 61Kgs
– Nos. 1~14 Injectors for optional
– All brand new raw materials, newly manufacturing
– Selection of high quality component, longer service life than other brand
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Multi-Point Lubrication Pump DDRB, Lubrication Pump DZ

Multi-point lubrication grease pump DDRB and DZ lubrication pump is used for the middle and large central lubrication systems with max. working operation pressure 200bar to 350bar, its application mostly to the industry of Metallurgy, Mining, Forging, Rubber, construction, shipment equipment etc.

Multi-point lubrication grease pump DDRB and DZ is the powerful source and transferring the grease or oil to each lube spot, good for long distance lubricating requirement, this lubrication grease pump is available for dual line lubrication, progressive line lubrication and lubrication mixed with air operation.

Please Read Before Operation Of Multi-point Lubrication Grease Pump DDRB And DZ Pump

  1. The grease pump should be installed in less dust and easily for operation working place with normal working temperature.
  2. Please release the air inside the outlet port before connecting with grease supplying piping.
  3. The motor rotation should be the same direction marked on the motor cover.
  4. Filling in grease or oil should be operated by grease filler pump and clean grease or oil required, the filter needed to be cleaned often. Forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to start and run the lubrication grease pump without grease or oil in the reservoir.

Lubrication Grease Pump DDRB and DZ Technical Data:


(1) HS : By Hudsun Industry
(2) Number Of Lubricating Points :
1 ~ 14 optional
(3) Lubrication Pump :
DDRB-N (ZB) Grease Multi-Point Pump
Max. Operation Pressure 31.5Mpa/315bar
(5)Grease Feeding Volume :
1.8mL/time; 3.5L/time; 5.8L/time; 10.5L/time optional
(6)Grease Tank Volume : 10L ; 30L optional
(7)* : Further Information

Technical Data Of Lubrication Pump DDRB-N (ZB) Series :

ModelMax. pressureDischarge Per Injector (Option)Tank Volume
Feeding TimeMotor PowersWeight
DDRB-N315bar1.8mL/Stroke of Piston

3.5mL/Stroke of Piston

5.8mL/Stroke of Piston

10.5mL/Stroke of Piston




Technical Data Of Lubrication Pump DDRB-N, ZB Pump Dimensions :


4 Types of Lubrication Pump DDRB-N Pump, ZB Pump Application:lubrication-grease-pump-ddrbdz-pump-applications