DDB-10 Multi Point Lubrication Pump

Item#: 3077
Max. Working Pressure: : 100Bar
Electric Motor: 380VAC, 0.37kW, 50/60Hz
Grease Tank: 7L
Weight: 38Kgs
Usage: Multi-Point lubrication pump for up to 10 grease feed ports
– 1~10 Lubrication ports available
– Grease tank up to 7L, 0.37Kw, 380V electric motor
– Standard installation dimensions and longer service life
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DDB Pump Technical Data : DDB Pump PDF

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Lubrication Pump DDB-10

Lubrication pump DDB-10 is a multi-point grease injection pump with 10 grease feeding outlet ports, available for grease central lubrication system in small, single or progressive equipment. The construction of lubrication pump is piston injection feeding with 10 grease ports (Or less, it can be sealed if some ports are not necessary at the moment), this lubrication pump is usually connected with block type dividers to meet various requirements of lubrication.

The installation of lubrication pump DDB-10 is pretty easy, just connecting each pump injector with steel or plastic piping with connector, then dispensing each grease feeding port to different lubrication required points, the grease transportation tubes would be fixed by rivets or straps. The DDB-10 pump is available for the medium of penetration not less than 265 (25, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 2 #), the recommended temperature of operation ambient is better keeping between 0~40 .

It is necessary to clean the injector of lubrication pump and inlet port of grease lubrication system before filling grease in the grease reservoir, following the procedures to fill grease in DDB-10 pump and test the motor rotation of lubrication pump and each junction points after the completion of connection between lubrication pump and lubrication system or divider valves. The DDB-10 pump has been proved that multi-point lubrication pump can improve the work efficiency 5-time above if comparing with conventional lubrication methods, saving 2/3 lubricants, reduce maintenance costs about three times, extending service life of wear-out parts, the lubrication pump has characteristics of simple construct, easy to operate and installation, safe working, clean and other characteristics of lubricating oil and no special requirements for routine lubrication maintenance provides an effective way to work , but also for the efficient, fast, energy-efficient and safe for production and construction environment.

Description of grease lubrication pump:


Lubrication Pump Part List:

1. Electric motor ; 2. Inner worm; 3. Gear worm shaft; 4-5-6. Gears; 7. Eccentric shaft; 8. Connection Pin; 9. Driven disk; 10.Inner piston; 11. Grease driven plate; 12. Grease stirring rod

Lubrication Pump DDB-10 Technical Data:

Max. PressureFeeding PointsPiston StrokeStroke AdjustableFeeding Volume
10Mpa1010mm5mm0-0.2 ml/time
Feeding TimeTank VolumeMotorWeight
13 time/min7L0.37Kw, 1380r/min, 380V38Kgs 1232

Lubrication Pump DDB-10 Dimensions:


Note Of Grease Pump DDB-10 Before Operation:

  1. The multi-point lubrication grease pump DDB-10 should be installed in a place where the ambient temperature is suitable for working operation and small dust, which is convenient for oil or grease filling, adjustment, inspection and maintenance.
  2. The HL-20 gear oil must be added to the gear box to the oil level specified level.
  3. To add grease to pump reservoir the of the DDB-10 grease pump, the SJB-D60 manual fuel pump or the DJB-200 electric grease filling pump must be used to fill the grease to the pump reservoir of the DDB-10 grease pump. It is strictly forbidden to start the motor when there is no grease or oil in the reservoir.
  4. According to the arrow direction of rotation on the cover of the electric motor, the motor should be connected with stable wire and not reversed.
  5. The accuracy of the filter screen is not less than 0.2mm and should be cleaned regularly.
  6. The grease pump DDB-10 should be kept clean at all times. It is strictly forbidden to remove the reservoir cover, to prevent dirt from entering the pump chamber and affecting normal work.
Lubrication Pump DDB-10 Dimensions:Lubrication-Pump-DDB-10-dimensions