• Terex-Water-Temperature-GaugeTerex-WaterTemperature-Gauge,-Terex-Parts-15258291

    Terex Water Temperature Gauge, Terex Parts 15258291 For Terex Dump Truck

    1. Sensitive reflect to water temperature.
    2. Lower price and cost effective item gauge for replacement
    3. For Terex series of dump trucks with longer service life

  • Axial PistonPump MYCY Series

    Axial Piston Pump MYCY Series – 315Bar/4567PSI, 10ML To 250ML Option

    1. High volumetric efficiency with good performance while operation
    2. High operation pressure up to 31.5Mpa
    3. Series of 10MYCY 14-1B, 25MYCY 14-1B, 32MYCY 14-1B, 40MYCY 14-1B, 63MYCY 14-1B

  • DDB-Pump-Injector-DDB Lubrication-Pump-Parts

    DDB Pump Injector – Lubrication Pump Parts For Multi-Point DDB Pump Series

    1. Original parts with our DDB pump series
    2. Strictly fitting dimensions, grease feeding volume control
    3. High strength of carbon steel, black galvanization surface treatment
    Lubrication Parts for: DDB10 ; DDB-18; DDB-36

  • ddrb-pump-zb-pump-injectors

    DDRB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump, ZB Lubrication Pump Injectors

    Item#: 3589
    Max. PSI: 315Bar
    Usage: Injectors For DDRB Lubrication Pump, ZB Lubrication Pump
    Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
    – Black or silver zinc plate available
    – Original replacement part from the manufacturer
    – Standard installation dimensions to all DDRB and ZB pumps
    Related Product: DDRB Pump

  • electric-box-hs-ecb08-for-lubrication-equpment-lubricaiton-pumpelectric-box-hs-ecb08-for-lubrication-equpment-lubricaiton-pump

    Electric Box HS-ECB08 Automatically Controls Lubrication Equipment

    Item#: 3536
    Usage: Electrical panel box controls lubrication pump
    – Original & main producer, quality guarantee
    – Automatically controls of lubrication pump operation
    – Hand and auto operation alternatively
    – Precisely time lubrication and alarm for motor overcurrent
    Related Parts: DDRB (DZ) Pump

  • Grease-Lubrication-Pump-DDB-8Grease-Lubrication-DDB18

    Grease Lubrication Pump DDB-18, With 18 Ports, Central Grease Dispensing Pump

    1. High quality component assembly with reasonable price
    2. “3C” Certificated motor, long running tested before installation
    3. Concerning production details, surface rust protected, hardened treatment of main parts

  • Hydraulic-Solenoid-Directional-Valve,-WE6,-NG6Hydraulic-Solenoid-Directional-Valve,-WE6,-NG6

    Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Valve, WE6, NG6 Valve Series

    1. Single solenoid operated, directional valve, WE6, NG6 Series
    2. DC or AC solenoid available option, easy replacement while in valve position
    3. Standard valve pattern dimensions for valve manifold or subplate, no sealing leakage

  • JW,-Y2-Electric-Motor

    JW, Y2 Electric Motor, Triple-Phase Asynchronous Electirc Motor

    Item#: 3594
    Voltage: 380VAC
    Power: 50W ~ 370W
    Speed: 710 ~ 2800RPM
    Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
    – Qualified certificated electric motor
    – Good prices and reliable operation in different working condition
    – Applicable to various industrial equipment and machines, longer service
    Related Products: Lubrication Pumps

  • Lubrication-Pump-DDB10--Multi-Point PumpLubrication-Pump-DDB10

    Lubrication Pump DDB-10, Multi-Point 10 Ports Grease Feeding Pump

    •  Manufactured with all brand new materials
    • Certificated motor, long running tested before installation
    • More than 6 years selling, good quality, reliable and high performance
  • Lubrication-Pump-DDB36Lubrication-Pump-DDB-36,-Electric-Pump

    Lubrication Pump DDB-36, Electric Powers Pump, 36 Grease Feeding Ports

    1. Original & main producer, quality guarantee
    2. All brand new raw materials, newly manufacturing
    3. Selection of high quality component, longer service life than other brand

  • lubrication-grease-pump-ddrbdz-pumplubrication-grease-pump-ddrbdz-pump

    Multi-point Lubrication Grease Pump DDRB (DZ), 1~14 Nos. Lubrication Injectors, Powerful Electric Pump

    Item#: 3535
    Max. PSI: 4567.5
    Motor: 380VAC, 0.37kW, 50/60Hz
    Tank: 10L or 30L
    Weight: 121lbs
    Usage: Central lubrication system
    Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
    – Original & main producer, quality guarantee
    – All brand new raw materials, newly manufacturing
    – Selection of high quality component, longer service life than other brand
    Related Parts: Injector  Electric Motor  Electric Box

  • Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV8---8-Feeding-OutletsProgressive-Divider-Valve-SSV8---8-Feeding-Outlets

    Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 – 8 Feeding Outlets, With Check Valves

    1.No rubber as sealing, lowering maintenance cost
    2. Internal chamber connection, grease quantity to each outlet
    3. Single block and standard installation design, easily repair and replacement

  • Progressive-Valve-SSV14-–-Metering-DevicesProgressive-Valve-SSV1

    Progressive Valve SSV14 Metering Devices, 14 Progressive Grease Outlets

    1. Progressive valve SSV14, with 14 grease feeding outlets
    2. Without any wearing O-rings, great performance and sealing features
    3. Wild temperature operation range, rust and dust protected, reliable working condition

  • Series-Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV6Series-Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV6

    Series Progressive Divider Valve SSV6 – 350Bar, 5075PSI, 6 Feeding Ports

    1. High strength carbon steel, six grease feeding port
    2. Strict grease feeding volume, high pressure up to 305bar
    3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mmm

  • Series-Progressive-Valve-SSV10Series-Progressive-Valve-SSV10

    Series Progressive Valve SSV10 – Black Surface Chromed, 10 Feeding Outlets

    1. For high pressure up to 350bar/5075PSI
    2. Exact grease lubricating volume metering control
    3. Standard installation dimensions and screws, easy to assemble monitor