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Terex Water Temperature Gauge, Terex Parts 15258291 For Terex Dump Truck

1. Sensitive reflect to water temperature.
2. Lower price and cost effective item gauge for replacement
3. For Terex series of dump trucks with longer service life

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Product Description

Terex Water Temperature Gauge, Terex Parts 15258291

Terex water temperature gauge is manufactured as one of Terex parts 15258291 used for Terex dump truck. Terex dump truck requires a certain temperature when the engine is normally running, too high or too low is not conducive to the normal operation of the engine and performance. Conventional air-cooled heat generated by the engine on the other hand it is difficult to meet the demand, so the extensive use of water-cooled for Terex dump truck engine thermal is designed to keep the engine in the most favorable temperature range, in order to improve engine power, reduce engine wear and fuel consumption. Temperature is too high or too low will adversely affect the engine work and effective operation.

As long as the Terex dump truck in the normal range of below 80 are normal condition, the pointer enters the area between 80 and 100 seems too high and need to check some parts and device, but if the water temperature is above 100 that is too high will cause the tank bursting , damage to engine overheating problems. Then it is needed to stop and check the dump truck to see if the water in the tank exceeds the red warning line immediately turn off the engine, do not continue with the high temperature, it will easily damage the engine for short time and must find a technician to inspect and fix the related problems.

Buying high quality of Terex water temperature gauge is helpful to protect the engine and other main device in Terex damp truck, large saving the cost of maintenance.


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