• Terex-Variable-Piston-Pump-20017480
  • Terex-Variable-Piston-Pump-20017480

Terex Variable Piston Pump, Terex Parts 20017480 For Terex 3307, TR50 Truck

1. Terex Variable piston pump to replace For Terex 3307, TR50 truck
2. Equipped in open circuit system with lower working noise, high operation efficiency
3. With SAE & ISO standard flanges and oil ports, easily replacement and maintenance.

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Product Description

Terex Variable Piston Pump, Terex Parts 20017480

Terex variable piston pump is one of the Terex parts: 20017480, used for hydraulic system of Terex 3307, TR50 truck. This Terex variable piston pump is equipped in an open circuit of hydraulic system with variety of working condition. High Terex-Variable-Piston-Pump,-Terex-Parts-20017480-For-Terex-3307,-TR50-Truck-figureefficiency control of the variable piston pump is allowed to lower the requirement of cooling system, it will be able to keep the same cooling condition by largely increasing the system flow rate, in order to improve the pump performance in hydraulic systems.

Better knowing the regular trouble shooting before using the Terex variable piston pump:
1. Unstable pressure output: the pump output pressure determined by the load torque is approximately proportional to the input. There are two fault output abnormal pressure:
a. Lower output pressure: if there is any leakage of inlet piping, cylinder, check valve, directional valve in hydraulic system while the Terex variable piston pump is in condition of absorbing hydraulic oil, which will cause the system pressure harder to increase. The problem is solved by finding the leakage position, changing related component or sealing.
Usually the pressure relief valve will cause the lower system pressure, just checking and resetting the pressure relief valve.
After long time running of Terex variable piston pump, there are bias between the pump house and oil thrust plate which will lead to oil leakage, then the core parts of variable piston pump may need to be replaced, please contact us for the relevant parts.
b. Higher output pressure: it is normal if the system load continues to rise, the pump pressure rises accordingly. If the load is constant, the pressure on the Terex variable piston pump exceeds the required pressure by load, the related component in hydraulic system should be checked, such as directional valves, pressure valves, actuators and oil return piping. If the maximum pressure is too high, adjust the relief valve then.

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