• Terex-Starter-Motor,-Terex-Parts-15273450

Terex Starter Motor, Terex Parts 15273450 For Terex Dump Truck

1. Terex starter motor for Terex dump truck
2. High certificated electric motor equipped
3. Powerful operation, longer service time for various environment

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Product Description

Terex Starter Motor, Terex Parts 15273450

Terex starter motor is the Terex parts number: 15273450, which is used for generating power by a direct current motor, power is transmitted to a flywheel gear ring by a starter gear, driving the flywheel, crankshaft and start the engine of Terex dump truck.

Terex-Starter-Motor,-Terex-Parts-15273450-structureThe main components of the Terex starter motor is the electric motor, it works with Ampere’s law is based on the energy conversion process, which is powered by the force of the role of conductor in a magnetic field. The electric motor consists of motor armature, commutator, poles, brushes, bearings, motor housing and other components. The electric motor controls the clutch mechanism, it is designed to start the engine when the requirement of a strong torque, the amount of current through the large, up to several hundred amperes needed, in which case, the DC motor has a large torque at low speed and becomes smaller torque when with high speed, it is suitable to start with as a starter motor. Terex starter motor equipped with the DC series wound motor, the parts of rotor and the starter are made by relatively thick copper wire with rectangular cross-section, the drive mechanism uses a reduction gear structure and the control mechanism adopts electromagnetic firmness.

As we all know, the engine in Terex dump truck needs the support of external power to start, then the Terex starter motor is the important component to do it. Generally, there are three parts in the starter motor to achieve the entire start up process. The direct current motor draws current from the battery and makes the drive gear to generate mechanical motion, the drive transmission mechanism pressed the drive gear catching the flywheel ring gear and automatically disengaged after engine start, the on or off of starter circuit is controlled by an electromagnetic switch.