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Terex Piston Pump, Terex Parts 15333255, Hydraulic Piston Pump

1. Lower working noise and pressure pulsation
2. Higher operation efficiency in hydraulic system
3. Optional control methods, powerful hydraulic oil supplying

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Terex Piston Pump, Terex Parts 15333255

Terex piston pump is Terex parts number of 15333255, it is an axial swash plate design, variable displacement, hydraulic piston pump for TR100 Terex damper truck. Terex piston pump is a new redesign pump which is largely reduced the pressure pulsation while operation and reduce the working noise to minimum. Strictly selection of raw materials for parts of pump housing in first grade casting iron, high strength steel of pistons, fine manufactured slippers, famous brand of head bearing, smooth operation oil pan, abrasion proof swash plate and hardened treatment of transmission shaft, all the production processing will guarantee the quality of Terex piston pump, especially for hard working environment, the piston pump is still keeping its premium operation condition.

Terex-Piston-Pump,-Terex-PartsThe main trouble shooting of Terex piston pump:
1. The output flow of Terex hydraulic pump is insufficient or no oil output
a. The amount of oil suction is less than required
– This trouble is usually caused the resistance of suction piping is too large or if less than hydraulic oil. Or the pump speed is too quick, the hydraulic level in the tank is too low, the pipeline leak and oil filter blockage.
b. Excessive leakage.
– The problem is that inner gap is too large in pumps which will cause poor sealing, for example, as oil pan is scratched by metal fragments or iron, head face oil leakage; bad sealing of check valve in variable mechanism. The leakage may be caused by long term of running, and very dusty environment.
c. Small displacement of hydraulic pump.
– It is caused by small inclined plate angle, just adjusting the variable piston, increasing the angle of swash plate.

2. Displacement will be not be able to return to zero in middle position, when the swash plate angle in variable type axial piston pump is zero degree is called the middle position, then the output of the pump flow rate should be zero. But sometimes the phenomenon happened if the deviate from the adjustment mechanism in place midpoint, then there is still a flow rate output at the middle position.
– The reason is that the position controller deviation, loose or damaged, it needed to re-zero, tighten or replace. Pump is not enough to maintain the angle of the tilt angle of the wear also have this phenomenon.

3. Output flow fluctuations, it is related to many factors. Variable displacement piston pump can be considered non-good controlled caused by poor organization, such as foreign matter into the variable mechanism, marks in the control piston, wear marks, scars, resulting in unstable control piston movement. Because the amplifier energy shortage or damaged parts, comprising a control piston spring damper effectiveness is poor will rise instability of the control piston movement. Unstable flow is often accompanied by pressure fluctuations.
– Such failures are generally take the pump apart, replacement of damaged parts, increased damping, improve springs stiffness to control pressure.

K3VL45 Terex Piston Pump Technical Data:

Terex Piston Pump K3VL45, Terex Parts 15333255,


Shaft Rotation

R: Clockwise; L: Anticlockwise rotation

Max. Operation Speed
Max. Input Torque
Max. Pressure
Rotation Pressre
Recommended Media
Summer: L-HM46 ; Winter: L-HM32
Working Mode
In Open Hydraulic System


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