• Terex-Hydraulic-Pump-15244762
  • Terex-Hydraulic-Pump-15244762

Terex Hydraulic Pump, Terex Parts 15244762, Variable Piston Pump

1. Terex hydraulic piston pump of terex parts 15244762
2. Hydraulic variable replacement axial piston pump, standard dimensions.
3. Easily replacement and maintenance, longer operation hours, lower noise.

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Product Description

Terex Hydraulic Pump, Terex Parts 15244762

Terex hydraulic pump is the Terex parts with number of 15244762, which is hydraulic variable displacement axial piston pump. The Terex hydraulic pump is one of the most important device in hydraulic system of Terex TR45; TR60 dumper and trucks. There is a steel plunger assembled in the pump chamber moves like reciprocating motion, which changes the volume of sealing cavity to achieve the pump function of suction and pressurized hydraulic oil. The Terex hydraulic pump offers by Hudsun with the characteristics of high pressure, compact pump structure, high operation efficiency and easily flow regulation.

The regular maintenance of Terex hydraulic pump 15244762:
– Hydraulic oil tank must not fall below the lower limit of the oil standard, it is better to maintain a sufficient of hydraulic oil in the oil reservoir. The higher cleanliness of hydraulic oil will keep the pump service life longer.
– The hydraulic pump should be checked after working of 2000~ 1000h, inspection whether the pump running sound is normal.
– We selected high service life bearing with hardened materials in the pump, but if there is any clearance occurs of bearing, like abnormal gap between three pairs of friction in the pump, undermine the oil film thickness on the hydrostatic surface of bearing, it will shorten the pump life. Better to change new one (If running over 10000h) or repair the bearing.
– For any abnormal operation may harm the pump, therefore, please consult us before or purchasing the Terex hydraulic pump if there is any question.


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