Terex-Hydraulic-Pump 15229403
  • Terex-Hydraulic-Pump 15229403
  • Terex-Hydraulic-Pump 15229403

Terex Hydraulic Pump, Terex Parts 15229403, Hydraulic Piston Pump

1. Hydraulic axial variable displacement pump
2. Replace the pump of Terex 3303,3304,3305 trucks
3. Control method optional, maximum flexible working ability

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Product Description

Terex Hydraulic Pump, Terex Parts 15229403

Terex hydraulic pump is one of the Terex parts number: 15229403, which is variable displacement of hydraulic axial piston pump used for Terex 3303,3304,3305 dumper trucks. The Terex hydraulic pump is designed like reciprocating pump, belongs to volume pump series. The working theory of this Terex hydraulic pump is driven by pistons rotating eccentrically around a shaft to reciprocate action, there is a check that controls oil suction and displacement.

When the piston is pulled outside direction in the Terex hydraulic pump, the pressure in working chamber is lowered, the outlet valve is closed then, lower than the inlet pressure, the inlet valve is opened and hydraulic oil flows in; when the piston pressed inside direction, the pressure in working chamber increases, the inlet valve is closed, the pressure in inlet is now higher than the outlet, the outlet valve is opened at the moment and the hydraulic oil is displacement.

While the transmission shaft drives the cylinder to rotate, the swash plate is pulled out or pushed back the pistons from the cylinder (Pump chamber), complete oil suction process in one cycle. The hydraulic oil in piston and cylinder consists of operation cavity and connects to oil pan, respectively through with the suction and drain chamber of hydraulic pump. As Terex hydraulic pump is designed with a variable mechanism for changing the different working angle of swash plate by manual adjustment to achieve a variable pump displacement.

Terex Hydraulic Pump PVE Technical Data:

Pump Model

Working Speed



Max. Operation Speed
Inner Pressure
Max. Operation Pressure
Recommended Media
Summer: L-HM46 ; Winter: L-HM32


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