Terex-Hydraulic-Gear-Pump 20028983-For TR50-Truck
  • Terex-Hydraulic-Gear-Pump 20028983-For TR50-Truck

Terex Hydraulic Gear Pump, Terex Parts 20028983, For Terex TR50 Truck

1. Hydraulic gear pump for Terex Tr50 truck with standard dimensions
2. Pump and motor function as powerful hydraulic source in system with reliable working condition
3. 9 Displacement type optional, single and twin pump composition, bearing for heavy loading and suddenly shock

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Product Description

Terex Hydraulic Gear Pump, Terex Parts 20028983

Terex hydraulic gear pump is the parts code of 20028983 for Terex TR50 truck as hydraulic power sources, which is designed with special sealing materials to guarantee the gear pump to run in long working period without leakage.
The better Terex hydraulic gear pump should output maximum flow rate while transporting high viscosity hydraulic fluid under higher pressure with lower power consumption, less leakage.

When transporting the gear pump high viscosity liquids, it should be done at lower power consumption, less leakage, maximum flow rate output under greater pressure.The viscosity of the medium in Terex hydraulic gear pump reflects the degree of pump quality, if the viscosity is too high will increase the internal friction, lower gear pump output, while volumetric efficiency drops because of wearing parts in inner leakage, output power is much lower than the input power if using poor quality gear pump. In addition, the loss efficiency converts into heat and cause the pump to overheat while working.

There is a working conditions mutation of using poor quality of Terex hydraulic gear pump that the Terex dumpers or trucks suddenly appeared abnormal phenomenon, which is more common failure symptoms such as: difficulty in starting the engine suddenly stalled and then can not even start; or a sudden drop in engine power driving, driving weakness of trucks or dumpers; suddenly hard to control while driving or deviation, or even failure, etc. Our Terex hydraulic gear pump is manufactured according to Italian gear pump technology with low noise, little pollution, especially much reliable while driving the mining trucks.

Terex Hydraulic Gear Pump, Terex Parts 20028983 Technical Data:

Gear Width
Pump Displacement
Rated Pressure
1/2″ Inch
3/4″ Inch
1″ Inch
1 1/4″ Inch
1 1/2″ Inch
1 3/4″ Inch
2 1/4″ Inch
2 1/2″ Inch


Terex Hydraulic Gear Pump, Parts 20028983 Ordering Code:

Terex Gear Pump 20028983 Installation Dimensions:



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