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Terex Damper, Terex Parts 20020410, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber

1. Terex Damper as Terex Parts 20020410
2. Use as shock absorber with high carbon steel materials
3. Reliable supplier, good quality for replacement with saving cost

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Terex Damper, Terex Parts 20020410

Terex damper is parts of Terex dumper TR50 which is Terex parts 20020410, we are selecting fine raw materials to produce the Terex damper, for example, driven piece generally uses high carbon steel or stamped from of sheet spring material with surface heat treatment to reach hardness requirements to meet poor working environment. The driven hub of damper is using forged steel, and hardness of 26-32HRC to its surface and core, to extend its service life in dust operation position.

What is the usage of Terex damper:
1. Reduce or eliminate the resonance of the engine and drive system generated.
2) Reduce the amplitude of the torsional vibration generated by the drive system.
3) Ease of instantaneous maximum load driveline accidental. Reduce the impact of increased life expectancy drivetrain parts.
4) Making a smooth start for Terex dumper.

Terex Parts 20020410 of Terex damper is mounted with flywheel in the gearbox housing. The main function f Terex damper is to ensure a smooth start and transmission shift of Terex dumper smoothly and prevent transmission overload. Currently most of the Terex dumper adopts friction damper, the driven part is connected with the transmission input shaft, the use of the Lord, to transfer power from the engine friction torque between each connected parts.

Terex damper is installed between the pressure plate and flywheel, splined hub in the middle of the gearbox first shaft sliding friction plates riveted on the driven plate steel friction disc friction surfaces having a large coefficient of friction, and there good wear resistance and heat resistance.

The Terex damper, Terex Parts 20020410 is also called shock absorber with the driven plate steel and splined hub, which consists of a shock absorber plate, damping springs and shock absorbers fitted over the plate and driven hub oblong hole damping spring, friction washer, etc., to cushion the drive train torsional vibration, improve flexibility when combined clutch.


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