• Terex-Damper-15309162-Shock-Absorber-Flywheel

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15309162, Terex Shock Absorber Flywheel

1. Terex Damper of Terex Parts no.: 15309162 for Terex Dumper TR100
2. High strength of carbon steel of raw materials, hardened surface treated
3. All brand new material, wisely selection of replacement parts, same as genuine parts

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Product Description

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15309162

Terex damper is the Terex Parts 15309162 for Terex dumper TR100, also called Terex shock absorber and flywheel. The Terex damper is the one of the most important part in Terex TR100 dumper, it mainly consists of elastic element, damping element and other parts, the elastic element (Spring element) is used for reducing the head-end power train torsional stiffness, in order to decrease driveline torsional natural frequency in a driven system, change the system’s inherent vibration mode, so that it can avoid instant impact caused by the amount of engine torque; damping element to effectively dissipate vibration energy.

The working principle of Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15309162;
1. To reduce the torsional rigidity between engine crankshaft and driveline engagement, thereby reducing driveline torsional vibration natural frequency.
2. To increase the torsional damper in driven system, torsional resonance suppression corresponding amplitude and attenuation due to the impact produced a transient torsional vibration.
3. Controlling the power transmission assembly clutch and transmission shaft torsional vibration, and eliminate noise transmission and final drive when idling, largely lower transmission of torsional vibration and noise.
4. Terex Parts 15309162 of Terex Damper will be able to mitigate the impact of non-stable condition reverse drive train loads, improved clutch engagement processing.


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