Terex-Damper,-Terex-Parts,, Flywheel-Shock-Absorber
  • Terex-Damper,-Terex-Parts,, Flywheel-Shock-Absorber
  • Terex-Damper,-Terex-Parts-15248885-Flywheel-Shock-Absorber

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15248885, Terex Flywheel Shock Absorber

1. Terex damper, Terex parts 15248885, rubber type Terex shock absorber
2. Damper available to Terex dumper 3301, TR45, TR50 series application and replacement
3. Lower vibration, reliable absorber for sudden impact, smoothly starvation operation.

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Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15248885

Terex damper is the Terex parts for Terex dumper of 3307, TR45, TR50 series as replacement parts, with order parts number is 15248885, which is rubber type shock absorber. The Terex parts 15248885 of Terex damper has a good flexibility and sufficient strength, it is lower frequency of vibration isolation with high damping characteristics. The deformation is relatively large under the situation of tension and compression power, shear and torsion stress. But the rubber type Terex damper is weak for anti-pollution and anti-temperature, shorter service life if comparing with steel type damper, shock absorber.

The reason of selection rubber type Terex damper because it has a long-lasting high elasticity, good vibration isolation, shock isolation and insulation performance. The rubber type Terex damper is produced to meet the requirements of stiffness and strength with most damping properties. The Terex flywheel shock absorber is particularly prominent to absorb mechanical energy absorption of high-frequency vibration energy. The metal parts and the rubber material is be firmly connected, so not only easy to manufacture and installation, but also can be used to reduce the stiffness of the multi-layer stack, change its frequency range, and lower prices.

Of course, since it is the rubber as raw materials, there is a weakness for rubber type damper, such as susceptible to temperature, oil, ozone, sunlight and chemical solvents erosion, resulting in performance changes and aging, easy to relax, so life is generally shorter than steel materials, therefore, it is the key to buy the Terex damper from reliable supplier in order to extend the service life of the whole part.

The rubber type Terex dampers supplied by Hudsun Industry guarantees the rubber quality which must have rubber fine characteristics of high hardness, stiffness, large load, suitable for high-strength, high-temperature environment.


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