Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15228210, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber
  • Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15228210, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15228210, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber

1. Terex Damper as Terex Parts 15228210
2. Rubber damper, shock absorber for Terex TR60 and TR100
3. Good isolate vibration and absorb the impact, easily replacement.

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Product Description

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15228210

Terex damper is the Terex parts number 15228210 mounted in Terex dumper of TR60 and TR100, this Terex damper is rubber inner design for shock absorber. The rubber Terex damper adopts the rubber characteristics of rubber features that the rubber has both high elastic state and high viscosity state. The elastic rubber is crimped by molecular conformational changes generated by the interaction between rubber molecules hinder the movement of molecular chains, there are exhibits sticky characteristics, so that stress and strain often in an unbalanced state.

This rubber in Terex damper has curly long chain molecular structure and molecular existence of a weak secondary force, the rubber materials exhibit unique viscoelastic properties, which has a good shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning, therefore, the rubber Terex damper has good the isolate vibration and absorb the impact, because it has a hysteresis, damping and can be reversibly large deformation characteristics.

In addition, the rubber Terex damper also has internal hysteresis and friction characteristics, they are usually represented by the loss factor, the greater the loss factor, damping and heat-rubber more obvious, damping effect is more obvious. In summary, Terex parts 15228210 of shock absorber made of rubber has good damping effect.

The advantages of Rubber Terex damper, shock absorber:
1. The rubber damper can meet the requirements for stiffness and strength in all direction.
2. There is a big internal friction, good damping effect, is conducive to cross the resonance region, the high-frequency vibration and noise attenuation.
3. Elastic modulus of rubber Terex damper is smaller than metals allows greater elastic deformation.
4. There is no sliding parts, easy maintenance;
5. With small weight, easy installation and removal.
6. The shock stiffness of rubber Terex damper is higher than static stiffness and dynamic stiffness beneficial impact deformation.


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