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Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15021228, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber

1. Terex damper, Terex parts 15021228, Terex steel shock absorber
2. Steel damper made of high first grade steel, for Terex 3305,3307 dumper
3. Reliable Terex parts, easily replacement to genuine damper, longer service life

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Product Description

Terex Damper, Terex Parts 15021228

Terex damper is the Terex parts 15021228 for Terex damper of 3305 and 3307, which is made of steel, also called steel shock absorber.

Why it is necessary to install high quality of Terex damper:
Because the engine torque transmitted to the transmission of Terex dampers is constantly changing periodically, which makes the drive system torsional vibrations generated, if the vibration frequency and transmission of natural frequencies coincide, the resonant vibration will have a great impact on the transmission system, largely reducing relevant component life. In addition, without disengaging the clutch of violent conduct when the emergency brake or clutch engagement, will have a great impact on the load on the transmission system in the blink of time, thereby shortening the service life of the part. In order to avoid resonant vibration, cushion the impact on the transmission system load, so it is important to install the Terex damper in the general clutch of Terex dumpers.

The structural principle of Terex damper:
Generally the Terex damper mounted in the clutch disc, the driven plate and driven plates connected by a spring resiliently together to form a buffer damper mechanism.
From the engine to the drive wheels, or by the drive wheel to transfer torque of the engine, go through the damping spring, which eased the impact load, and is conducive to gentle clutch engagement in the transmission system of Terex dampers 3305 and 3307.


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