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Terex Damper 15253832, Terex Parts, Terex Coupling Shock Absorber

1. Terex Damper of Terex Parts no.: 15253832 for Terex Dumper 3305
2. High performance of Terex damper, fully replacement same as genuine one.
3. Quick delivery, longer service life in hard working environment, trusted site to purchase.


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Terex Damper 15253832, Terex Parts For Terex 3305 Dumper

Terex damper 15253832 is one of the parts for Terex dumper 3305, the Terex parts number is 15253832, the damper is used to transmit the power from the engine to gearbox, mainly that transmits power. The Terex damper is the key part for Terex clutch as for transmitting power; power cut; prevent overloading. Terex damper of clutch is mounted on the engine’s flywheel rotation with the engine; driven disc (ie friction plates) by the connection of spline grooves and the gearbox input shaft spline.

When the rotation of the friction plate, the input shaft in the gearbox is rotated accordingly; when the pressure plate under the action of the spring, the pressure on the driven disk transmits its power; when the pressure plate in the position of clutch pedal, the pressure plate of Terex damper rebound, then the driven disc of damper would have no force in a separated state. What if pressing the clutch lightly, pressure plate springs not all action at the moment, this is a half-clutch, also called semi-linkage.

The Terex damper 15253832 consists mainly driven plate, springs, fastened bolts, driven disc hub and friction plates.


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