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Terex Brake Pad, Terex Parts 15266825, 15266826 For Terex TR45, 50, 60, 100

1. Terex parts 15266825, 15266826 of brake pad
2. For Terex dump truck of TR45; TR60; TR50; TR100
3. Quality guarantee, good abrasion performance, highly cost effective

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Product Description

Terex Brake Pad, Terex Parts 15266825, 15266826

Terex brake pad is the Terex parts 15266825, 15266826 used for Terex dump truck of TR45; TR60; TR50; TR100 series, as important parts in brake system.The replacement cycle of Terex brake pads do not have an accurate number, different driving habits absolute makes a big difference wear of brake pads, but if the replacement cycle of Terex brake pad is significantly higher if the Truck drives in city road with long term than highway.

It is necessary to replace the new Terex brake pads when meet certain conditions below:
– When the thickness of the Terex brake pads is less than the allowable standard minimum in Terex user’s manual
– When the brake pads wear indicator touches brake disc makes sound to alert (including computer alert or the shrill sound of metal friction).
It seems not be a problem if having above mentioned two points and continue to drive a few hundred kilometers, but if keeping such condition for a long period without replacement, then not only the brake may be quickly damaged due to direct contact with the metal liner, but also easily lead to brake failure.

– Most area of the Terex brake pad is of oil pollution
– There is abnormal wear or fracture of the Terex brake pad
It is easy to understand of abnormal wear or fracture, the oil pollution problem is caused due to brake pad material itself is made from a variety of mixing raw materials, in the manufacture of high-pressure process, there will be a little different molecular material gap, once oil wetting a large area, it is easy to lead to the molecular structure of block brakes changed, resulting in skid brakes, reduce or even bursting strength.

Buying qualified Terex brake pad from Hudsun industry is greatly helpful to the dump truck, improve its performance and security for drivers.


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