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Terex Brake Lining, Parts 15306804, 15306804, 9079096, 15306802, 9076568

1. High quality with minimal wear and tear in braking system
2. Sensitive braking acting, fine abrasion proof raw materials
3. Lower prices, longer usage under hard working condition

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Terex Brake Lining, Terex Parts 15306804, 15306804, 9079096, 15306802, 9076568

Terex brake lining are the one of among Terex parts with number: 15306804, 9079096, 15306802, 9076568, the brake lining is used for the brake system of Terex dump truck series. When the brakes are pressed, the two half-moon shape of brake lining externally extended by the force of wheel braking cylinder, propped up the inner wall of the drum brake to generate friction so that to slow down or stop the damp truck.

Terex brake lining is the passive action part affected by the brake cam or pushed rod to press brake drum in order giving rise to brake action in braking system of Terex dump truck, the brake lining is was mounted on the brake drum, is one of the key safety components of heavy truck brake systems. The shape of Terex brake lining looks like a half-moon, when the brakes brake lining two half-moon on the role of brake cylinders flared, propped brake lining friction with the inner wall of the drum brake to slow down or stop the role play.

Please noted after using the brake lining in Terex dumpers or trucks:
– It is necessary to check the brake lining regularly after operation for several houses, confirming the safety thickness of brake lining, parts worn condition or whether two side of same degree of wear, return freely and replace one if there is any abnormal condition with.

– It is important to replace the brake lining if reaching the limit of use, even if still capable of use for some certain period, since it leading lower braking action, and impact of traffic safety.

– Better to use the original Terex brake lining by Hudsun Industry, the high quality brake lining will lead the best braking action between the brake pads and the brake dis, minimal wear and tear.


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