Terex-Air-Brake-Chamber 09259128,-09259129
  • Terex-Air-Brake-Chamber 09259128,-09259129
  • Terex-Air-Brake-Chamber 09259128,-09259129

Terex Air Brake Chamber, Terex Parts 09259128, 09259129, For 3305 Truck

1. Terex air brake chamber reliable brake control
2. Terex parts 09259128, 09259129, for 3305 truck
3. Standard dimensions as genuine part, easily replacement

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Product Description

Terex Air Brake Chamber, Terex Parts 09259128, 09259129

Terex air brake chamber is the Terex parts nos. 09259128, 09259129 used for Terex 3305 dump truck.
The housing and cover of Terex air brake chamber is made of steel by stamping processing, connected with clamps and bolted together to form completed outer covering. There are combination film made of cloth and rubber fitted between them, the combination film divided the air brake chamber into two mutually entire fully isolated chamber

The Terex air brake chamber of the combination film and the cover through dual-chamber brake valve, the air chamber of combination film and housing often through the atmosphere. In normal status, the combination film clings to cover closely, while the other side is in contact with the disk, the returned position spring is fitted between the disc and in the inner side of housing, and the other end connected to the push rod fitted to connect the brake adjustment arm. The entire Terex air brake chamber is installed in a special bracket with fastened bolts.

Working principle of Terex air brake chamber:
When the Terex dump truck brakes, the combination film is deformed under the air pressure to push the rode, and drives brake adjustment arm, rotate cam brake, pressing the brake shoe to closely near brake drum generates friction and braking.

When the brake of Terex dump truck is released, the brake chamber of compressed air through the dual-chamber brake or quick release valve allows atmosphere to inhale, then the combination film and pushing rod restore to its original position by return spring.


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