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DDB-18 Multi-Point Lubrication Pump

1. High quality component assembly with reasonable price
2. “3C” Certificated motor, long running tested before installation
3. Concerning production details, surface rust protected, hardened treatment of main parts

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Grease Lubrication Pump DDB-18

Grease lubrication pump with 18 ports named DDB-18, grease dispensing pump, it is the grease feeding source providing grease to each transportation piping to lubrication required points, the main parts of grease lubrication pump DDB-18 is electric motor, speed reducer, eccentric shaft , grease pressure parts.

Parts description of grease lubrication pump DDB-18:


The electric motor part. 1 drives the inner worn par. 2 by a rigid coupling in the drive gearbox, the worm drives the worm gear and worm shaft parts. 3 to rotate, and then the gear part. 4 and the gear part. 5 rotates accordingly by a rigid coupling connection and makes the gear part.6 to work as well.

Because the gear part. 6 and the eccentric shaft part.7 is coupled together by a pin part.8, so that the eccentric shaft part. 7 also rotate together along with gear part. 6. The eccentric disc part. 9 in addition to the rotation , but it also moves in planar motion , the inner piston of grease driven plate and driven disk is hinged together, therefore, the radial movement occurs periodically, so that the low-speed rotation of the motor is converted into reciprocation of the pistons radially. The connection of grease driven plate part. 11, grease stirring rod part. 12 and eccentric shaft part. 7 together and rotated with the eccentric shaft generates pressure to press grease to each injector.

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Part List:
1. Electric motor ; 2. Inner worm; 3. Gear worm shaft; 4-5-6. Gears; 7. Eccentric shaft; 8. Connection Pin; 9. Driven disk; 10.Inner piston; 11. Grease driven plate; 12. Grease stirring rod

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Technical Data: 

Max. Pressure Feeding Points Piston Stroke Stroke Adjustable Feeding Volume
10Mpa 18 10mm 5mm 0-0.2 ml/time
Feeding Time Tank Volume Motor Weight  
13 time/min 23L 0.55Kw, 380V 58Kgs

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Dimensions:



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