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DDB-18 Multi Point Lubrication Pump

Item#: 3078
Max. Working Pressure: : 100Bar
Electric Motor: 380VAC, 0.55kW, 50/60Hz
Grease Tank: 23L
Weight: 60Kgs
Usage: Multi-Point lubrication pump for up to 18 grease feed ports
– 1~18 Lubrication outlet ports available
– With “3C” certificated electric motor
– Standard installation dimensions and longer service life
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DDB Pump Technical Data : DDB Pump PDF

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Grease Lubrication Pump DDB-18

Grease lubrication pump with 18 ports named DDB-18, grease dispensing pump, it is the grease feeding source providing grease to each transportation piping to lubrication required points, the main parts of grease lubrication pump DDB-18 is electric motor, speed reducer, eccentric shaft , grease pressure parts.

Parts description of grease lubrication pump DDB-18:


The electric motor part. 1 drives the inner worn par. 2 by a rigid coupling in the drive gearbox, the worm drives the worm gear and worm shaft parts. 3 to rotate, and then the gear part. 4 and the gear part. 5 rotates accordingly by a rigid coupling connection and makes the gear part.6 to work as well.

Because the gear part. 6 and the eccentric shaft part.7 is coupled together by a pin part.8, so that the eccentric shaft part. 7 also rotate together along with gear part. 6. The eccentric disc part. 9 in addition to the rotation , but it also moves in planar motion , the inner piston of grease driven plate and driven disk is hinged together, therefore, the radial movement occurs periodically, so that the low-speed rotation of the motor is converted into reciprocation of the pistons radially. The connection of grease driven plate part. 11, grease stirring rod part. 12 and eccentric shaft part. 7 together and rotated with the eccentric shaft generates pressure to press grease to each injector.

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Part List:
1. Electric motor ; 2. Inner worm; 3. Gear worm shaft; 4-5-6. Gears; 7. Eccentric shaft; 8. Connection Pin; 9. Driven disk; 10.Inner piston; 11. Grease driven plate; 12. Grease stirring rod

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Technical Data: 

Max. Pressure Feeding Points Piston Stroke Stroke Adjustable Feeding Volume
10Mpa 18 10mm 5mm 0-0.2 ml/time
Feeding Time Tank Volume Motor Weight
13 time/min 23L 0.55Kw, 380V 58Kgs

Grease lubrication pump DDB-18 Dimensions:



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