Lubrication Distributors

  • Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV8---8-Feeding-OutletsProgressive-Divider-Valve-SSV8---8-Feeding-Outlets

    Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 – 8 Feeding Outlets, With Check Valves

    1.No rubber as sealing, lowering maintenance cost
    2. Internal chamber connection, grease quantity to each outlet
    3. Single block and standard installation design, easily repair and replacement

  • Progressive-Valve-SSV14-–-Metering-DevicesProgressive-Valve-SSV1

    Progressive Valve SSV14 Metering Devices, 14 Progressive Grease Outlets

    1. Progressive valve SSV14, with 14 grease feeding outlets
    2. Without any wearing O-rings, great performance and sealing features
    3. Wild temperature operation range, rust and dust protected, reliable working condition

  • Series-Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV6Series-Progressive-Divider-Valve-SSV6

    Series Progressive Divider Valve SSV6 – 350Bar, 5075PSI, 6 Feeding Ports

    1. High strength carbon steel, six grease feeding port
    2. Strict grease feeding volume, high pressure up to 305bar
    3.Series progressive grease lubricating, outlet connection for tube 4mm ~6mmm

  • Series-Progressive-Valve-SSV10Series-Progressive-Valve-SSV10

    Series Progressive Valve SSV10 – Black Surface Chromed, 10 Feeding Outlets

    1. For high pressure up to 350bar/5075PSI
    2. Exact grease lubricating volume metering control
    3. Standard installation dimensions and screws, easy to assemble monitor

  • Single-Line-Progressive-Valve-SSV12Single-Line-Progressive-Valve-SSV12

    Single Line Progressive Valve SSV12 – Standard threads, 12 Grease Feed Ports

    1. Single line progressive valve SSV12, with 12 outlets
    2. Easily installation to lubrication system, standard screws and threaded
    3. Check valves and clamping rings attached, protecting the grease from back flow