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  • electric-box-hs-ecb08-for-lubrication-equpment-lubricaiton-pumpelectric-box-hs-ecb08-for-lubrication-equpment-lubricaiton-pump

    HS-ECB08 Auto. Controls Electric Box

    Item#: 3536
    Usage: Automatically control electrical panel box for lubrication pump
    – Original & main producer, quality guarantee
    – Automatically controls of lubrication pump operation
    – Hand and auto operation alternatively
    – Precisely time lubrication and alarm for motor overcurrent
    Related Parts / Replacement: DDRB (DZ) Pump

  • JW,-Y2-Electric-Motor

    JW, Y2 Triple-Phase Asynch. Electric Motor

    Item#: 3594
    Voltage: 380VAC
    Power: 50W ~ 370W
    Speed: 710 ~ 2800RPM
    – Qualified certificated electric motor
    – Good prices and reliable operation in different working condition
    – Applicable to various industrial equipment and machines, longer service
    Related Product / Replacement:
    DDRB,DZ Lubrication Pumps